Alternate Weight Training and Cardio

Cardio + Weights

Cardio + Weights

Muscles aren’t built during activity but in rest. Alternating your weight and cardio routines will allow your body to properly recover. I do it like this:

Monday – Cardio – elliptical

Tuesday – Weights – arms

Wednesday – Cardio – stair master

Thursday – Weights – legs

Friday – Cardio – elliptical

Saturday – Weights – arms

Sunday – REST

Next week I’ll have two leg days since I had two arm days this week. This is how the Body for Life workout program works in case you’d like to pass on wasting money on that.

I do yoga most days and go for light jogs when I feel like it. But overall, this is the base of what a reasonable workout program looks like.

Changing things up also keeps you interested. If you’re on the stair master every single day for 45 minutes, your muscles are bored and I predict you are too.

One thought on “Alternate Weight Training and Cardio

  1. So true! My routine is similar to yours except I try (for the most part; life sometimes gets in the way) to do weights for arms and legs one day, cardio the next, and switch back and forth. I do my abs every day. I read somewhere once that they are the only muscle group one can safely work each day.

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