Child Obesity = Child Abuse?

Should his mom go to jail?

Should his mom go to jail?

How did I miss this? Last month a 555-pound 14-year-old boy from South Carolina was moved to a foster home when his mother was arrested and charged with criminal neglect for allowing him to reach such a morbid size. And this isn’t the first case of its kind.

According to a USA Today article, courts in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York and New Mexico have all expanded their definition of medical neglect to include morbid obesity. South Carolina is #6 fattest state in the nation with an adult obesity rate of 30%. Ack. What about the kids? It’s estimated that some 2.7 million kids in the US are severely obese and while the overall percentage is low at around 4%, that’s triple what it was 25 years ago. That’s a rate we don’t want to maintain.

So are their parents criminals? I don’t think so. But I do think they are severely misinformed and uneducated when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness. Our country is in dire need of educational systems that value physical education and health classes. Please.

2 thoughts on “Child Obesity = Child Abuse?

  1. I somewhat disagree. It is cruel and traumatic to a child to remove them from their home. However, I do believe that some sort of intervention should be required in cases like this. Perhaps court-mandated attendance at nutrition and health classes for the parent(s) in question.

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