Good Way to Get Fat: Eat before bed

Sumo wrestlers eat before bed

Sumo wrestlers eat before bed

Did you know that sumo wrestlers eat immediately before going to bed in an effort to gain weight more rapidly? True story. I saw it on National Geographic’s Science of Obesity. The deal is that when you are awake and active your muscles need the energy from food to keep you going. But when your body is at rest that energy goes straight to your fat cells.

So if you’re currently standing over the sink eating Ben & Jerry’s straight out of the pint, step away and get your butt in bed. Don’t do it again.

Now, I do have to say that I don’t believe in that whole “don’t eat after [insert time here]“. That’s silly. If I’m hungry at 9:30pm I’m going to eat something at 9:30pm. But I’ll try to make a smart choice that includes protein and fiber to keep me filled. I’ll also dish it out into a reasonable portion rather than eat straight out of the box. You are guaranteed to overeat when you dig out of a giant container.

More sumo fun facts:

They train for 5 to 6 hours early in the morning on an empty stomach to build up an appetite to take in up to 20,000 calories later in the day. Yeah, the amount recommended for a grown man to consume in 10 days.

They’ll consume multiple meals at one sitting to fill their bellies with food stretching it to allow them to take in more next time. Insanity.

Moral of the story: Don’t stuff your face before bed or you’ll come out looking like a sumo wrestler.

5 thoughts on “Good Way to Get Fat: Eat before bed

  1. Hello, I’m curious about that sumo doll. Is it possible to get one like that? my bf loves sumo wrestlers and I’m pretty sure he would love to have one like this.

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  3. Sucks for those of us with evening classes who are not allowed to eat during said classes. I bring noshes like Luna bars and almonds, but when I get home at 9:45 (with a 10:30 bedtime), I need dinner.

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