What’s a trip to the beach without a late night s’more? Yeah, beach regulations make it difficult to roast mashmallows over an open fire, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this childhood favorite a la microwave.

And eating just one isn’t going to be the end of you.

1 graham cracker – 65 calories
1 marshmallow – 25 calories
3 Hershey rectangles – 50 calories

140 calories. Eat it. You’ll be fine.

I made mine with dark chocolate because (confession) I hate Hershey’s milk chocolate. How completely un-American.

2 thoughts on “S'mores!

  1. Seriously, you will be excommunicated for not like milk chocolate.

    Also, you can make an Urban Smore around a stove top with your friends Katie, Stew, Isaac, Mike, and Lindsay.

    Fork the Marshmallow. Turn the stove top on Med-High. And Roast away. Beware of dripping marshmallow though, it’s messy.

  2. You either don’t mind gelatin or somehow found yourself some specimens of that rare and elusive species known as kosher marshmallows (aka the veggie-friendly kind). They’re impossible to locate.

    You know what is very upsetting? European Skittles, evidently, are gelatin-free. I haven’t had Skittles in well over a decade, ever since I found out what gelatin was. I guess it’s just as well I have a compelling reason to avoid crappy candy like that, but man oh man. How I miss them.

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