Vitamin B Deficiency

Mom was right

Mom was right

My mom has been harassing me for years about my vitamin B intake because she read that vegetarians are notorious for being deficient. She always said it would negatively affect my hair and nails, but since I have big fat curly hair and always get complimented on my nail strength at the spa I figured I would continue ignoring her.

Ah, but you know another symptom of vitamin B deficiency? Chronic chapped lips. Oh the agony. For a week now I’ve suffered through it thinking I was allergic to my beloved cherry Chapstick or that I’d gotten sunburned at the beach. Both wrong. I am actually severely vitamin B deficient aaand dehydrated. Yes, I’ve been really bad about drinking water lately. Bad bad bad.

Anyway, I finally heeded my mom’s advice and picked up a bottle of Vitamin B Complex. I also snagged some iron since I am undoubtedly lacking in that arena as well and would rather not wait around see what kind of misery it causes later on down the road.

8 thoughts on “Vitamin B Deficiency

  1. hooray for ta…………..Drinking adequate liquids is a huge weakness for me and my mom. I’m working on it though. Ugh

  2. Oddly enough they recommend B-12 for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I have a bottle that use whenever it acts up, usually every six months or so when I’ve been lazy about my posture at the computer when typing final papers. It does seem to help.

  3. Have you had blood work done at all recently? When I got it done last year (which I barely survived…thank you, severe needle phobia), I found out I was severely deficient in Vitamin D. As a sunscreen queen, this makes sense, since my skin is rarely exposed long enough to sunshine (assuming I even make it outdoors, which I don’t often do in the winter) to make its own. I take a grody supplement now and hope it is making a difference, although I suppose I would need to submit to the sheer unbridled terror of drawing blood again to find out for sure.

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