Medicine Ball Workout: Arms

Medicine balls

Medicine balls

I did this quick routine yesterday as a follow up to the medicine ball ab workout. It’s simple but targeted. You’ll feel it if you really focus on the muscles you’re working. I’d repeat this set of 5 exercises three times.

Front Shoulder Raise – Stand with both hands holding the ball down in front of your body. Slowly lift up until the ball is directly in front of you and arms are parallel to the floor. Lower and repeat 20 times.

Overhead Tricep Lift – Hold the ball with both hands over your head. Keeping elbows close to your ears, lower ball down until your elbow forms a 90-degree angle. Lift back up and repeat 20 times.

Single Bicep Curls – Hold the ball in one hand (hopefully yours is as small as mine) with palm up. Curl up as if completing a bicep curl with a dumbbell. Repeat 20 times on each arm.

Tricep Burn – Hold the ball with both hands behind your back and palms facing eachother. Arms should be straight out and low. Raise your arms up as high as you can and hold for 2 counts. Lower and repeat 20 times.

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