Dried Strawberries = Candy

This is candy. Any questions?

This is candy. Any questions?

On Friday I had to make a mid-day Fresh Market run to pick up some fruit because I’m really weird about how much of it I eat a day. Anyway, I left with $11 worth of dried strawberries too just because I was so curious.

Be not fooled by this food’s placement in the dried fruit section. This is a candy. Chewy, stick, sugary candy. And it is delicious.

Sweet Tater 2 016

Yeah, $11.

As a candy, this should not be something you try to pass off as healthy fruit. I don’t see a problem trading out your nasty sweets for a couple of these though. That, in fact, would be an upgrade. So pass on the post-lunch gas station run for candy and pop a couple dried strawberries. You won’t even know they’re fruit. Promise.

3 thoughts on “Dried Strawberries = Candy

  1. What’s your opinion on dried strawberries versus freeze-dried strawberries? I think they’re different…? We have a bag of freeze-dried strawberries in the cabinet downstairs and I am kind of afraid of them.

    • Dried are SO much better than freeze-dried. The freeze-dried are what you’d find in, like, special k or something. I’ll eat them but dried are like candy.

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