Damnit, John Tesh: Pine Nuts

pine nuts

OK, I love John Tesh as much as next person (is there a next person?), but what is wrong with this man and his research team? His “Intelligence for Your Life” is almost always elementary common knowledge. Tanning beds are bad for your health. Really?! Don’t insult me.

Then there are times when his “intelligence” is just plain wrong. Or at least misguided.

Take, for example, his urging listeners to eat more pesto sauce to lose weight. Are you insane?

His rationale was that Korean pine nuts have been found to curb appetite. Fatty acids in the nuts–pinolenic acid to be exact–serve as mild appetite suppressant.

OK… so eat some pine nuts. The overweight women that lost weight in the study did so by eating gel capsules filled with pine nut oil.

They most certainly were NOT taking shots of pesto sauce (which carries some 15 grams of fat in just 2 tablespoons) or eating calorie-laden pesto pasta, pizza, etc. Yes, it is good fat and, yes, pesto is a nutritious food. But eating it in excess will not help you lose weight. I promise.


2 thoughts on “Damnit, John Tesh: Pine Nuts

  1. I will not get a cell phone that doesnt give me the ability ti listen to the Tesh show,I happen to think his advise is good,La Rosa

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