Sunday Brunch: Oatmeal

Oatmeal with fresh fruit

Oatmeal with fresh fruit

My friend Sandwich (yeah, that’s what I call her) was in town this past weekend from NYC. Naturally, this means we went to brunch on Sunday since that is apparently what I do when my friends visit.

I really don’t even like brunch–or breakfast for that matter. My standard morning consists of some sort of fresh fruit and a cup of coffee with a splash of soy milk. A few hours into the morning I’ll have a granola bar or some other sort of carb to keep me going until lunch.

Breakfast-centric outings are kind of stressful for me because I’m never quite sure what to get. MaryBeth’s at McBee Station was our weekly brunch spot back when I had friends in town. I usually lucked out in not getting everyone gathered and ready to go until around noon. At that point it was appropriate for me to order lunch foods which I find far superior to breakfast foods.

On this recent visit to MaryBeth’s we were too early for tomato basil soup so I went with steel cut oats with cream and sugar. I ordered a fruit salad to round it out.

As I’ve probably mentioned, I’m not a fan of dairy products so I skipped the cream. But I did mix in my strawberries and blueberries with a sprinkle of brown sugar. Quite good.

The whole spread

The whole spread

To me, this was a lot of food to eat at the start of the day so I didn’t eat again until dinner. Eat when you’re hungry, not when the clock says you should.

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