Christmas 2009

Monkey bread

Merry Christmas from frigid Illinois. In keeping with tradition, I woke up at 2am but didn’t actually drag myself out of bed to see what Santa brought. And yes, you better believe we still get Santa presents… and stockings.

Love, Santa

Mmhm, I'm 24

Christmas breakfast always includes monkey bread, smoothies, fruit, coffee and beaten biscuits with ham.


Coffee with cinnamon

Beaten biscuits

Beaten biscuits are an old family recipe. My granddaddy actually created a special machine used for rolling out the dough, and we make them every Christmas. They’re made of lard and are generally stuffed with country ham, so trust I do not eat them. Everyone else goes crazy for them though.

Namaste necklace



Cat plate

Cheese tasting

Grey pearls

My little sister made that Namaste necklace. Pretty amazing, right? My older brother hired her to do his Christmas shopping as well so the cheese tasting kit is from him/her. The cat plate says, “Everything tastes better with cat hair.” Ha. The ring is awesome because I’ve never seen grey pearls. I can finally stop yelling about how heavy my purse is. And I am officially now a Mac user.

I honestly didn’t expect to get anything since I knew I was getting the computer. So I’m a little overwhelmed and very thankful. Now it’s time to eat. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good bite. Haaa, made it up myself.

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