Caturday 1/16/10


Hello and Happy Caturday! Amazing how quickly the weeks are passing… This is good. Spring will be here soon enough. I got a little tease yesterday when South Carolina bathed me in the glory of a sunny 65-degree January day. It is now but a memory and the gloomy gray skies have reclaimed their rightful place in the winter sky.

Last week I forgot to introduce Ralphie’s new cross-eyed friend. He (she?) lives next door but I don’t know her (his?) name so we shall call him (her?)… Richard.


That cat is definitely cross-eyed, right? Richard comes over every once in a while to sit on the windowsill and torment Ralph. In fact, he’s here right now sending Weasel into a frenzy that resulted a picture frame on the floor. Thanks for stopping by, Richard.

I had a dream two nights ago that I took in four more kittens (black with white paws), three puppies (bulldogs) and a boxelder bug. Why am I so crazy?

Because of this.

And this. Especially this.

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