Haiti Benefit Bake Sale

Mock Girl Scout cookies (vegan, gluten-free)

Do you love Girl Scout cookies? Do you wish they had a more attractive ingredient list? Are you vegan? Gluten-free? Do you want to donate what you can to Haiti relief funds?

Even if you aren’t vegan or gluten-free, you’re going to love what Diana at The Chic Life has planned for Wednesday, January 27.

Bidding begins at 12:01am 1/27 and will last until 11:59pm that night. You can bid on The Chic Life (a bidding page will be set up on Wednesday) or via email at thechiclife@gmail.com.

So what’s all the talk about Girl Scout cookies? I put on my baking pants over the weekend to see if I could whip up some vegan and gluten-free knock-offs of America’s favorite cookie. With the help of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, my Saturday bakefest was a success and I ended up with comparable–nay, better–versions of Caramel Delights (Samoas) and Peanut Butter Sandwiches (Do-Si-Dos).

Coconut chocolate cookies

Peanut butter sandwich cookies

I will also be working on a version of the ever popular Thin Mint.

Why vegan and gluten-free? I don’t know. Diana asked us to specify if our baked goods would be vegan and/or gluten-free and I thought, “Sure, why not?” Because non-vegans and those who do not suffer from gluten intolerance will still love these cookies (trust me, I’ve been eating them), I decided to accommodate for those with special diets so everyone can be involved.

I hope you’ll visit The Chic Life on Wednesday to check out my Scouts Honor Sampler Pack–6 Coconut Chocolate, 6 Peanut Butter Sandwich and 6 Chocolate Mint cookies–and all the other glorious baked goods available.

Why didn’t you just donate money to Haiti instead of spending it on baking supplies? Well, aren’t you clever. I plan to match the equivalent total cost of all my bake sale supplies with a bid on someone else’s entry.

Buy me!

Buy me!

Don’t worry. The photographed cookies won’t be your cookies. I had to do a test batch to see if I could pull it off. The winning bidder will receive a fresh baked-to-order batch. Stew is thrilled to have access to the first batch.

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    • :( I don’t! I’m never sure about the rules for reposting recipes from cookbooks so I usually just err on the side of caution to avoid copyright infringements. Anybody know the details on that? I’d love to hear it…

      Anyway, the coconut chocolate cookies (mock Samoas) are from the cookbook Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Peanut butter sandwiches (Nutter Betters, as they’re called in the book) are there too.

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