Smoothie Abandonment

Do I know you?

What is this? Food? On a plate? That you chew? For breakfast??

Where is my smoothie?

Well, in a tragic case of you-forgot-the-spinach… I, uh, forgot the spinach. Yeah, I didn’t buy enough to get me through the week so I couldn’t have a green smoothie this morning. It’s ok, though. This peanut butter and banana millet bread sandwich was there to comfort me.

And it was good too. GASP.

It was also, however, way more filling that my smoothie so when I ate the same amount of food I always do at the same time for lunch, I thought I would surely perish.

Curry squash soup with quinoa and nuts

Last night I made a great squash soup by sautéing onion and carrot, adding broth and chopped kabocha (cooked yesterday), sprinkling with curry powder and red chili and pureeing with the immersion blender. Delicious. Easy. Win.

0 thoughts on “Smoothie Abandonment

  1. Sometimes it pays to switch up breakfast every once in a while. It makes the staple breakfast item that much better the next time you have it… aka tomorrow! :)

  2. I try as much as possible to make my breakfast different every day … but for some reason, almost all of my breakfast items involves rice, fried rice that is. We filipinos are like HUGE rice people. hehehe Rice for breakfast!

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