Slow Green Smoothie

Green on green

The hardest part of my 15-Minute Meal Challenge is definitely breakfast. I generally just chug a green smoothie while getting dressed and that’s that. It probably takes me about 7 minutes… to drink two of these. ACK. Slow down, tiger.

So this morning I dragged myself outside, sat down on the steps and spent some quality time with my green smoothie.

I must say, it was quite enjoyable. I noticed how green the trees and grass have gotten, befriended a squirrel AND a robin, and got a much gentler start to my day. Success.

0 thoughts on “Slow Green Smoothie

  1. Eating breakfast outside is fantastic isn’t it? Now that it’s getting warmer, I’ve been chilling outside more while the dogs run around in the backyard. Sadly I only do it on weekends – never have the time during the week. But, I really think it’s always great to get some fresh air and it somehow changes how you approach the day… well, just my opinion I guess.

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