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Whipahol, because whipped cream was too sober

My Facebook wall has become a bit of a magnet for all things food related so I thought I’d share with you some of the things my friends have shared with me this week. First up, from Adam


Yes, your dreams have officially come true. You can now inhale aerosol whipped cream straight from the can AND get a buzz at the same time. Presenting Whipahol, the world’s first alcohol-infused whipped cream. Available in spiced vanilla, white chocolate raspberry, pumpkin pie and amaretto flavors, this completely unnecessary gimmick is 36.5 proof–about like Bailey’s.

From the AV Club’s taste test: “I imagine this is what alcoholics think clouds taste like.”

Also from Adam…

Genetically Modified Food is Better for the Environment

If I’m understanding this article correctly, genetically modified foods are better for the environment because they’re resistant to pesticides so farmers can spray poison directly on your food without the food dying, thus sparing the soil as much contact with the chemicals.


Whaaa? No thanks. From Max…

Which Veggie Burgers Were Made with a Neurotoxin?

According to an investigation by Cornucopia University, most processed frozen veggie burgers contain hexane, an EPA-registered air pollutant and neurotoxin. How does the hexane get into the burgers? Well, the easiest way to reduce the amount of fat in soybeans (because everyone wants low-fucking-fat, right?) is to submerge them in hexane to separate the fatty oils from the bean.

Safe veggie burger

Well this sounds like a terrible idea. If you must have a frozen burger, I recommend Sunshine and Dr. Praeger burgers for their clean ingredient lists. Better yet, make your own veggie burgers at home because they take all of like five minutes and zero culinary skill.

And finally something I posted myself because I’m so flipping excited about it…

Forks Over Knives

If you’ve read The China Study, you will be as giddy as I was to see Dr. T. Colin Campbell in this documentary about our nation’s staggering rates of chronic disease and how most (if not all) of them can be controlled or reversed by shifting from our current animal-based, overly processed diet to a clean, simple, plant-based diet.


I’m excited about the documentary (coming this summer) because I think it will finally give some much needed media attention to Campbell’s (and several others’) work. Because be serious… for the average American, The China Study isn’t exactly a relaxed summer pool read. This medium will spread the message further and faster.

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