Lazy Goat Tax Day


Last night Stew and I hit up Lazy Goat’s Tax Day Celebration to eat and drink menu items reduced to an appropriate $4.15. I guess the idea of bribing consumers on tax day can go one of two ways: 1) They owed a ton of money and can no longer afford full priced food, or 2) They got a fat return and are likely to blow a lot of it in celebration. Either way, the restaurant wins. Stew and I represented both options. Please see this NYT op-ed regarding taxes for the marginally employed.

Bad idea, Katie

Wines by the glass were $4.15 but wines by the bottle were 1/2 off. I convinced Stew to bail on his glass of red and share a bottle of white with me. Mistake. Stew hated the wine so I had to drink extra to make it seem worth it in my head. MISTAKE. I probably had about two glasses total but that’s added to the vodka drink I’d had earlier. Perfect. I feel hellish.

In addition to wine, the following foods were consumed:

Truffle fries

White polenta with mushrooms

Grilled onion salad

Grilled vegetable pizza

Lovely meal. Too much wine. I tried to get my hands (mouth?) on an elusive falafel waffle featured with one of the chicken specials but they weren’t letting it out of the kitchen without an entree attached to it. Booo.

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