Cold Oats How-To

How I make Kentucky Fried Checken?

One of the more delightful things about blogging is getting to see what people typed into Google that led them to your site. The top searches to my blog are quite hilarious: KFC double down, sumo wrestler… butter. This is because I have photos with these captions and so people are coming in from Google Image. One of my favorite searches, however, was: “How I make Kentucky Fried Checken?” Yes, checken. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to make that here. But I can (and will) tell you how I make my cold oats (AKA overnight oats, vegan overnight oats, VOO) each morning…

Combine dry ingredients

I use 1/2 c oats, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 1 Tbsp ground flax, sprinkle of cinnamon. Optional: maca and mesquite. Maca has a wretched, wretched taste so I use it sparingly. Mesquite has a nice caramel-y taste and isn’t overpowering. Pour in almond milk (or “milk” of choice) to cover oats. Mix and refrigerate. This is the step in the process that some people do the night before. Not even necessary for me. Sometimes I don’t even refrigerate it.

Make banana soft serve... 1 frozen banana

Add fresh fruit of choice

Process until creamy

Banana soft serve is the greatest. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it… DO IT. I use an immersion blender with a food processor attachment to make small batches, but you could use a regular food processor too.

Cuisinart Smart Stick... highly recommended

Your oats will now look something like this:

Almost there...

Top the oats with the banana soft serve and…

BAM, breakfast

I don’t put any sweetener in mine because I think the fruit is enough. Stew likes to top his with maple syrup. SO GOOD.

0 thoughts on “Cold Oats How-To

  1. i like. anything with cold fruit in pureed form appeals to me. it’s my inner baby. oh, and what’s the benefit of maca? if it doesn’t taste good but you’re still eating it, i assume it’s awesome for you.

    • rumor has it that maca is rich in amino acids and important vitamins (including B12). i don’t really see how the B12 is possible because everything in the world tells me plants can’t produce B12… nevertheless, maca is also said to increase energy and libido, enhance memory and brain function and nourish the glandular system. it’s also described as “high in protein” but that’s only if you can choke down multiple tablespoons of it (just 1 g protein per tablespoon). i don’t know if any of this is true but health nuts are all about it. if you assess it solely on the food label, it’s not too impressive, but food labels don’t list B vitamins or amino acids so it can be misleading if that’s what is supposed to make a product great.

  2. trying this tonight/in the morning. skeptical of cold oatmeal. and mine will have no banana soft serve for reasons previously discussed (also we don’t have any bananas right now.) but cranberries will make an appearance as usual.

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