Panino… technically

Tempeh sandwich with avocado and slaw

Don’t you hate when people say panini when talking about a singular sandwich? No? You didn’t take one┬ámeasly┬ásemester of Italian and now consider yourself the official Italian Grammar Cop? Just me?

Really though… panini means sandwiches. Panino means sandwich. However, it’s permeated American English in such a way that I fear there’s no turning back. In fact, I say panini all the time.

Anyway, this PANINO was awesome. It had tempeh, avocado and carrot zucchini slaw on Udi’s gluten-free multigrain bread and was toasted up on the Breville.

Breville panini press

Stew bought this one day and we kind of didn’t think we’d use it. We were wrong. It’s super fast and is also easy to clean up. We use it multiple times a week. Because sandwiches are just better toasted… nay, pressed.

8 thoughts on “Panino… technically

  1. I do stuff like that all the time with Spanish since I used to teach it. I’m surprised I never picked up on the panini vs. panino. Your paninO looks good. :)

  2. ha! I also took 2 short semesters of Italian and (I’m laughing out loud right now) think I am a master of the language. :) I also took 5 years of mostly college level french, and could not utter one sentence.

    I love sandwiches… and paninO especially! :)

  3. Aaaand the parentheses in my original comment were interpreted by WP as a nonsensical html tag, so let’s try this again:

    “This post makes me want to take you home to my mom, The Mother of All (Insert Name of Any Langague Here) Grammar Cops. God bless you.”

  4. some people even say ” Paninis” as a plural noun. As you already know not every panino is grilled nor pressed. If you toast breads with butter or herb infused olive oil, that is even better. What you mentioned above, I totally agree with you & thank you.

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