Tasty Ray?

Cownose ray

You know what I like to do with things when they get in my way? Eat them. Yeah. Keep your kids in check.

Mmmno. Not really. I don’t just eat things because they burden me. But some people do.

According to Slash Food, the cownose ray better watch its back. Apparently these happy little guys are wreaking havoc off the Virginia coast feeding on valuable Chesapeake oysters, clams and scallops. The cownose ray saw a massive population increase when its natural predator, the inland coastal shark, started to die off and now we need a way to keep them in check.

Solution: Let’s eat them!

Yes. The Virginia Marine Products Board is creating a marketing campaign to hock these cuties to the public. But don’t expect them to taste like… fish. Word on the street is that they’re more along the lines of veal. Because that’s better. Ack.

Would you eat a cownose ray?

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