Breakfast Quinoa

Beautiful red quinoa for breakfast

It is rare that I’ll actually be consuming the food I’m blogging about as I’m blogging. This is because I’ve been focusing more on slow, mindful eating since my 15-minute meal challenge way back in March so I try not to eat in front of the TV or computer. I still eat fast but I do so without other distractions so that I can fully appreciate the food (and the fact that I have access to food at all) without Snooki interrupting me with her delightful antics or twitter streaming a barrage of unedited thoughts at my face. It’s nice.

Anyway, today I felt the need to share how good this is as soon as I could. Because it is good. This is my leftover breakfast quinoa from my welcome brunch on Sunday. I added a little almond milk and sliced strawberries to my bowl and then microwaved it for a minute.

It smelled like a strawberry PopTart, no lie. But it tastes way better. I suppose people don’t always consider quinoa for breakfast. You should.

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  1. I also have the horrible problem of inhaling my food. Breakfast and lunch are always in front of the computer, sigh. I love the idea of the 15 minute meal challenge! Though I’d fail!

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