Sleep Fail

How is this happening already?

Sigh. Since he’s coming home today, I no longer have a problem advertising that Stew has been gone the last week. He was with the band in Florida. Stalkers be damned! So when someone rang the doorbell at 11pm last night (interrupting my first date with the Real Housewives of DC, by the way), I of course froze in terror assuming it was a murderer and not a more likely suspect like… my neighbor. Because murderers always ring the doorbell.

After calling to confirm it was not my brother (and it was not), I proceeded to creep around the house attempting to close the blinds I should have closed before it got dark and the outside world could see my every movement. Then I apparently passed out on the couch and the next thing I knew it was 6am and some cray-cray TV personality was hocking an item that “guaranteed” a 10-lb weight loss in 6 days. Pardon? Do not wake me up for this crap. (sleep fail)

Every light in the house was ablaze (green fail), and the cats were giving me the death stare for not properly tucking them in the night before. When I dragged myself upstairs to wash my face and brush my teeth, Weasel thought this signaled last night’s bed time and curled up in her spot on the bed. Poor Weaz, Weaz. I tried to tell her it’s Friday already, but she’s not having it.


Since I can’t go back to bed once I’m up… I’m up. I had the last of my breakfast quinoa (so good!) with strawberries and peanut butter. And for good measure, real caffeinated coffee. If you think that photo is my sad attempt at artsy photography, you are incorrect. That is my successful attempt at getting natural light on the windowsill but strategically avoiding the mold growing outside the window (the sprinklers apparently spray here constantly) and the cat fountain electrical cord inside.

Today = free yoga in Freedom Park (courtesy of lululemonCLT), chiropractor (or the hands of God), likely a good bit of shopping for my beach trip and HLS, and picking Stew up at the airport. Hooraaaay.

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