Pack Food, Plan Ahead

Lettuce wraps

The best advice I can give for maintaining your preferred personal style of eating–be it vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or just picky (or all of the above if you’re us)–is to pack your own food, plan ahead and share. No one on vacation at the beach wants to see me when I’m hungry and no one on vacation at the beach wants to hear me get preachy about food. So it’s best for all of us if I just keep myself satiated at all times.

Based on the living situation at least year’s beach trip, I knew we’d be limited to cooler space because the fridge fills up fast. So in packing up our food for an entire week, I had to plan ahead and consider things that would survive in a cooler until fridge space opens up. We have: tabbouleh, roasted vegetables, hummus, quinoa, salsa, watermelon, honeydew melon, tempeh, oats, bananas (frozen, of course), strawberries, blueberries, GF bread, canned beans, lettuce and chips.

I also baked a bunch of stuff:

Vegan GF dark chocolate brownies

Healthy baked goods

The healthy baked goods are Angela’s pumpkin pie banana chunk cookies and the same recipe tweaked into muffin form and crammed full of sunflower seeds, goji berries and currants.

Last night, Stew and I had tabbouleh lettuce wraps with hummus and Food Should Taste Good sweet tater chips. I had one cocktail at like 5pm and thought I might pass out (who AM I??) so I laid around for a while with Operation Beautiful and then did some yoga on the roof.



I look like I’m wearing a diaper because I still have my bathing suit on. I realized this like four hours later.

The night quickly progressed to drunken card games and Jason demanding a feature on the blog:


Here he is slyly eyeing Stew’s wine glass after he chugged it when Stew wasn’t looking.

And here he is demonstrating how to button every button on your Hawaiian shirt.


Not so much

It's blurry because you're drunk

I actually only had my one 5pm cocktail and another Firefly and water later in the evening but I still managed to pass out around 10:30. Partaaaaaaay.

Now I’m off to EAT and then rent a bike.

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  1. great tips! i love the picture of you in the yoga pose – the sky looks beautiful and you look like the perfect picture of health :)

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