Sweet Tater Oats

Sweet tater, berries, nuts, etc.

My, this bowl of nutrient-dense goodies was FILLING. I’ve enjoyed my oat bowls at the beach because without my trusty banana soft serve (you better believe I brought the goods–I just can’t run the food processor when the boys are asleep), I’ve been forced to try new combinations.

This bowl contains: oats and almond milk (cold) topped with 1/2 hot sweet potato, blueberries, peanut butter and Earth Fare raw superfood trail mix.

All smashed up

Someone else made coffee today (hooray!) so it wasn’t disgusting like when I make it.

Coffee that won't choke you

Last morning at the beach for me. I’m heading back home this afternoon because I have an EARLY flight to the Healthy Living Summit tomorrow morning.

0 thoughts on “Sweet Tater Oats

  1. i finally got the hang of overnight oats (WOOOOO so delicious) and now i am making a mental list of all the toppings i have to try.. banana soft serve and sweet tater are at the top of the list!

  2. I am totally jeal (ha ha!) that you have a Keurig. (Hooray for Stew!) We fell in love with the Keurig in our hotel in New York last year. Maaaaaybe Santa will bring us one this year…? Or maybe someone to make us coffee.

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