Oats at Home

Oats, almond milk, cranberries, pecans, flax, PB

My mom bought me my own mini almond milk (hooray!) so it was oats and coffee as usual for me this morning.

She also bought some awesome toasted whole flax seeds from Trader Joe’s that added a nice nutty flavor. Over breakfast and the Today Show, she showcased Clancy’s love of bananas…

Is that... a banana??

Not anymore

We took him for a walk just before breakfast and I would like the world to know that I am only crazy about cats because my mom is crazy about dogs. It’s in my blood. She walks Clancy with a towel in her hand so she can ward off the mosquitoes that attack his face. True story.

I’m rounding up my stuff and heading into the city for HLS. Look for…

... these cards...

... and this person...

… if you want to say hey. DISCLAIMER: Please don’t be offended if I don’t know your name, blog name, or if I call you by your blog name… or someone else’s… or if I call everyone Ralphie. :-/ I’m BAD at that. In turn, I expect no one to know who I am. It’s easier this way. See you in Chicago!

Not attending the summit? I’ll be taking detailed notes during each session and posting a recap of everything I attend.

3 thoughts on “Oats at Home

  1. Wish, wish, wishing I was at HLS, and so looking forward to your recaps.

    BTW Clancy is after my — and the Headless Hound’s — heart. The Headless Hound has never met a fruit or vegetable she didn’t like. (The not-toxic-to-dogs-ones, that is.)

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