Apple Cinnamon Oats

Hot and cold

Inspired by my mom’s baked apples from last night, I decided to top my cold oats with warm cinnamon-y goodness. (Ask my friend Glanz to say cinnamony some time. It is hilarious.)

Too lazy to actually prepare real baked apples and without any known leftovers in sight, I just diced up an apple, threw it in a bowl with about a tablespoon of almond milk, sprinkled it with cinnamon and microwaved it for a minute. Good enough.


Then I piled it atop 1/2 c of oats + more cinnamon + toasted flax seeds that were soaked in almond milk. Garnished with Earth Fare raw superfood trail mix and peanut butter.

I liked the hot/cold combo, but I’m really missing my banana soft serve

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