Back to School

It's that time again...

My classes don’t start until Tuesday, but I’m working on campus to pay for this little adventure I’ve decided to embark on so I’m here today watching all the freshmen move in. They look like wee little babies.

I bought my books, which was pretty painless. Universities are now giving students the option to rent books, making them significantly cheaper. It’s still a crap deal for the students in the long run because the school will continue to rent the books year after year for more than they’re worth. But whatever. It’s cheaper than buying it and probably better than trying to sell it back for dirt, as is always the case.

Veggies and hummus

I packed my lunch like a responsible money-saving graduate student and enjoyed it outside free from fluorescent lights, a welcome escape even if only for a few minutes. I packed carrots, celery, greens, Stew’s hummus, 1/2 a peach (the other half was in my breakfast), some kind of fruit I don’t know the name of (not a plum), trail mix and chocolate.

What's this?

Adora chocolates were given away at HLS and they are awesommme. I’m not big on supplements, but the deal with these is that they taste good as chocolate alone. And since one piece has half my recommended calcium intake, I have to limit myself to just two or risk kidney stones or whatever other havoc excessive calcium wreaks on the human body.


Mystery Snack Reveal

Did you make a guess for my mystery snack?

Hahaha, Lindsay

Several of you were on to me. It’s a dried banana from Earth Fare. I don’t really even like bananas, which is odd considering I love banana soft serve and these dried things. But some people like ketchup but hate tomatoes. Tomato… tomahto.

14 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. textbooks are crazy expensive… when I was biology undergrad I sometimes had three books per lecture / lab!! as much as I LOVE college bookstores (any bookstore…) that was always a crazy expensive day!

    I so need to get my hands on those Adora chocolates.

  2. how do you DO it if you hate bananas? that green smoothie almost killed me this morning…as i’m sure you know from my mom on facebook (oh, brother), bananas totally trigger my gag reflex..

    also, totally a red plum. mmmmm

    • i actually don’t think they taste much like bananas so my aversion much be far less severe than yours.

      solution! the frozen banana part of the smoothie is important only for the “frozen”. you just need something (anything) frozen so you can get a good consistency. use frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc and pass on the banana. i’ve never purchased those fresh and frozen them myself though. i just get frozen bags at the store. try that… OR, add some OJ to the ones with banana. that’ll help too.

      • okay, so i’m confessing that i’m the worst vegetarian / healthy eater ever, but i didn’t start liking OJ until recently. like, this summer. yeah. i’m broken.

        i’m going to try making one with a lot more other, non-banana fruit in addition to the bananas…i’ve had smoothies with banana in it before but enough other fruit to hide it, so i think it’ll work out. especially with PEACHES omnomnom..

  3. I think it is a plum! It is sort of hard to tell from the photo, but you should google “dinosaur plum” (also called a Pluots plum) and check it out for yourself.

  4. Is it a pluot?

    I just got an email from my school about renting textbooks, too. It’s definitely an interesting option, but I can’t decide what I’ll do until I can compare the prices.

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