Caturday 8/21/10

Hey Ralph

Happy back-to-work-week Caturday! Caturday comes early this week because I’m going to be otherwise occupied most of tomorrow. I trust the cats miss me terribly while I’m away…

We don't.

But they have Stew to keep them company.

We like him better.

They really do like him better. He said today they both slept under the bed in his office for like 8 hours straight, which would look something like this:

Sleepy Weaz

We finally got our dresser delivered today. Ralphie handled the inspection…

I will poop in here.

Weasel is on curtain duty…

This looks good here

They can pretend like they like Stew, furniture and home decor more than me, but when it comes time for bed, I find them waiting for me like this:

Can you tuck us in?


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