Caturday 8/28/10

Feed me.

Happy last Caturday in August! We’re ready for sweaters and bonfires and scarves and boots over here. Weasel has already let her summer bikini bod go…


No, it is absolutely not normal for a cat to sit like that.

Ralphie demonstrates proper form

I’m getting a little stressed out because we’re leaving the cats once again for a cruise to Mexico next weekend. I realize people seem to have this understanding that cats are independent and self-sufficient, but people who think that have not met these cats. They’re clingy and needy and they own my soul.

They eat dinner with us.

Ralph's seat

Weasel's seat

They sleep in the bed. They greet me at the door. They cry when we’re gone. They follow me from room to room. And Weasel watches me from the window every morning when I leave.

I do not know how people have children and if they do how they manage to ever have a stable moment of sanity where they don’t think the child (or cat) is licking an electrical outlet, running out the door, falling out a window, choking on a packing peanut, eating Q-tips or getting trapped in a crevice somewhere. I think these things daily.

I ate the Q tips. Not sorry.

She did. And she’s not.

I know I’m a lunatic and I know they’ll be fine. I also know my first child will move about life packed in bubble wrap and a helmet. It’s fine.

13 thoughts on “Caturday 8/28/10

  1. i’m the same way with my cats! [i have three] especially living away from home, i can’t see them for weeks at a time :[
    your kitties are so cuuuuuuute!

  2. I hope and pray that I’m not nearly as neurotic with my babies as I am with my dogs. Like, I’m a lunatic. I also worry about peach pits and popsicle sticks. I’m assuming your cats couldn’t get those down but you really never know. Bless us.

  3. Yep, our cats rule our house and our lives and they know it! I once had a friend catsit for us and she said only I could raise co-dependant cats (she felt guilty every time she left the house). So happy to hear that’s not true! :0)

  4. Too cute!

    I think your concerns are totally normal for a cat-mom! My coworker has two brother/sister cats, and the boy has turned on her gas fireplace…twice! She came home and he was just chilling in front of the fire! She’s now covered the switch, to prevent pyro kitty from doing this again. I always look forward to her cat mischief stories on Monday morning! Heheh

  5. Weaz looks like she is about to do that crow pose. Is it crow? The one where your elbows are on your knees. Can’t remember. :)

    Also, I’m going to cry leaving Oscar on Wednesday. CRY LIKE A BABY!

  6. I love caturdays! reminds me so much of my cats. My cat dabo’s new favorite place to sleep is on his back in a flying pose between mine and Steve’s pillow. He also plays fetch with a bobbi pin… for hours.

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