Vegetables are Cool


You know how adults and government-funded initiatives try to teach kids things by telling them they’re “cool”, but the kids don’t really listen because the adults themselves aren’t all that cool?

Well. I don’t consider myself an adult yet (sorry, parents), so if I can convince just one kid (or adult) out there that eating vegetables is cool because I’m (perhaps) cool, I’d be pretty pleased with myself.

I mean, look at that salad. That’s like the JayZ of salads up there. Pink and white pinwheel vegetables?? I don’t even know what that thing IS but I ate it. Because it’s cool.


Also in my salad: chickpeas, tempeh, nuts and seeds, corn (off the cob), salsa, spinach.

Vegetables are cool because they take energy from the sun like some kind of superhero and make food with it and grow into crazy things like whatever it is I just ate. (Seriously though, what is it?) And then those crazy things do crazy awesome things inside our bodies and make us strong and healthy (also like superheroes). It’s all just… cool.

Eat ya vegetabowls!

10 thoughts on “Vegetables are Cool

  1. katie, i found your blog recently and am really enjoying your perspective and voice. this post made me smile, because i feel the exact same way. vegetables are just cool. there are so many different kinds at different points in the year, and they come in so many colors, and they all taste different, and they generally all make us feel really good. i love ‘em. ps: i think that is a type of beet. :)

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