See You in Florida

Avocado is so right

Welp, we’re off to Florida. In a car. Yep.

We’re cruising to Mexico with my college friends and back when I was convinced we were leaving from Port Canaveral, driving seemed like a good idea. It was later brought to my attention that we’re leaving from Ft. Lauderdale. An 8-hour drive is tolerable. 12 hours is unbearable.

Roadtrip fuel

Good thing we fueled up with a lovely empty-the-fridge lunch. I mashed up avocado and a Dr. Praeger burger on Udi’s bread and then sauteed any straggling veggies in the fridge so they wouldn’t feel left out and abandoned.

As for the drive, we’re stocked with:

  • Apples
  • Watermelon
  • Trail mix
  • Veggie chips
  • Larabars (PB choc and key lime)
  • Cinnamon stars

Will I eat all of that in 8 hours? Yes, probably.

Aaaaand we’re off.

PS – Aren’t you devastated watermelon season has come to a close?

Ralphie is.


9 thoughts on “See You in Florida

  1. Have fun! Are you going to post some of your eats from the cruise? I find it sooooo hard to get in enough veggies and whole grains while cruising. I’m interested to see how you manage :)

  2. Waaaaaaaah! :-( THIS college friend wants to be going SOOO badly and would much rather be cruisin’ with y’all than checking in students from 7am-7pm on Saturday. I’ll swap your 12 hour drive for my 12 hour shift. :-/

    Love and miss y’all. Take LOTS of pictures!

  3. Have a safe drive! And 12 hours is a long drive. We made it a few weeks ago. Take lots of stretching and potty breaks. Hopefully you have some entertaining company.

  4. Haha! That sounds like me packing for a road trip. I love to pack my own food. I can’t stand to depend on what we might find to eat. Blech. I hope you have a fabulous time!

  5. Have so much fun! I love cruises!

    My husband and I were just having the watermelon debate last night. He loves watermelon with a bit of salt.. and while I love the smell I really just don’t like watermelon! The only melon I like is cantaloupe — yum!

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