Caturday 9/4/10

Why you leave us?

If you thought being in Mexico would keep me from posting Caturday, you underestimated my dedication to these cats. Never underestimate my dedication to these cats.

By now I’m probably knee deep in midnight chocolate bar (cruises are insane) and tequila. So don’t expect any coherent posts… if I even find Internet access… on the ocean. [There is wireless on the boat... for $0.65 a MINUTE. No dice.]

Shout out to Brittney for taking care of these little rats. I know they’re in good hands.


I warned her about Ralphie’s swift escapist ways.

Catch me if you can

But I trust both cats have been on their very best behavior.

Weasel disagrees

I predict Weasel is most angry about the fact that I’m not in my proper spot in the bed.

Where you go?

Where she stands (lays?) ready to serve and protect…

... and ninja chop danger in the FACE

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