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I just love this bento. It’s true that it’s leaky (if you throw it around like a lunatic) and that it’s not insulated, but I still love it. These are things I somehow didn’t think to consider when I made the purchase. So one day I’ll be a smarter bento shopper. But for now, I will live in blissful ignorance of the fact that there are better boxes in existence.

If bento box shopping is anything like apartment hunting, I know it will take me several tries to get it right. I think it takes living somewhere you don’t want to (or eating out of a leaky bento) to make you realize what’s on your “deal-breaker” list.

After last year’s apartment fiasco, my residential deal breakers now include:

  • Drug runners for neighbors
  • Sealed windows (and therefore a fire hazard)
  • Nonexistent closet space
  • Nonexistent insulation
  • Old ass kitchen appliances
  • No washer/dryer
  • Roaches
  • Spiders

If I can find a place that excludes all of those things and is in a cute little walkable neighborhood with easy access to a library, a grocery store and ideally my place of business or schooling, I’m happy. Our current place meets the criteria for not having the deal breakers, but it’s in a crap location. Can’t win ‘em all.

You can, however, win with a bento. Today I had:

  • Layer 1: Greek yogurt, grapes, peaches
  • Layer 2: Lentils, quinoa, spinach
  • Layer 3: Peanut apple slaw

A girl walked by when I was taking this picture outside my office and said, “Ooooh, that looks good.”


7 thoughts on “Oh Bento

  1. Is it the Bento? OR is it the fact that it is compartments, like the little stationery thing you used to have? Just wondering. :)
    The fact that you have every little space filled leads me to believe it has something to do with compartments. Own it!

  2. I love that it keeps all of your foods separate so you don’t have hummus sticking to everything in the box. I just end up with like 4 separate Tupperware containers every day and kind of look like I’ve moved into my cubicle. ;)

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