Sunshine Salad

Patron sundial

Oh what a gloriously delightful day it is in sunny South Carolina today! I escaped my desk for a quick bit to enjoy my lunch while soaking up some Vitamin D. (Did you know you can get all the Vitamin D your body needs for a day with 15 minutes of sunblock-free sun exposure? Get outside!)

My baby Patron bottle not only doubles as a salad dressing carrier but also as a sundial. Recycling at its finest.

Sunshine salad

My salad was bright and sunny as well, with yellow peppers, yellow dressing (mustard + olive oil + brown sugar), chickpeas, nuts, avocado, etc. Love.

My other bento layers included:

Fruit and yogurt


Random on the popcorn, I know. It was an impulse buy at TJMaxx and it is GOOD. Just popcorn, oil and salt. I can’t remember the brand. Somehow popcorn always tastes better to me when it’s not freshly popped. Whaaa? I know.

It’s pretty toasty out here in the midday sun, but this morning it was a brisk-ish 70 degrees so I sported my new boots in a sad attempt to will fall into existence.

TJMaxx - $30

I’m off to finish upwork and then I have to head straight to Charlotte for the Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival. I’m doing a freelance piece for Uptown Magazine. I warned them that I’m a vegetarian and they actually liked the uncomfortable (and likely hilarious) discord created by that angle. I have to spend the entire night up there watching the teams prepare the meat until the wee hours of the morning when judging will commence. Should be interesting…

[Some may see this as a conflict of interest. I do not. I see it as life. Not everyone I interact with will be a vegetarian. Ever. And I wouldn't want to live that way. I don't want to always be around people that are just like me. My family eats meat. Do I ostracize them? No. Stew ate meat when we first started dating. Did I care? No. I don't like when people give me hell for not eating meat, so I'm not going to give people hell for doing so if they please.]

And THEN… I am going straight from that to my two-year anniversary dinner with Stew. I promise I’ll shower off the pork residue first. Ew.

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Salad

  1. Haha I almost bought those same boots (or some very similar) but I ended up getting a pair at Old Navy instead. Those are so cute! I’m eating hot oatmeal again, also hoping to will fall into being…
    I love your perspective on the festival, definitely not a conflict of interest. Sounds fun!

  2. Haha – love the patron sundial:) It really is a tiny bottle! Try and have fun at the festival. I feel the same way as you do about eating meat – I don’t pick on people for eating meat and I expect the same respect in return:)

  3. Definitely applaud the live and let live attitude — I don’t like being judged, so I reserve my own judgments.

    With that said, watching meat get butchered would probably be beyond the ken of what I could handle :) But I’ll be curious to see how the experience greets you.

    And you know I’ll all over the avo and chickpeas, lady :)

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