Caturday 9/11/10


I feel like I’ve lived one billion lives since the last Caturday. In the past week I’ve been in (or through) South Carolina, Georgia, Florida aaaaand Mexico. I’m still working and schooling full-time+ and I truly feel like I have lost all track of time and space. I just move through my day trying not to drop any of the billion balls I have in the air.

The cats are sick of my excuses.

Excuse THIS

They want my attention and they want it NOW, which is why you can usually find them about this far away from me…

My life

You can't pet this book. Love me.

It’s true that I can’t pet that book. It’s also true that I’ve been neglecting the cats… and Stew… and my family… my friends… my social life… my yoga. The list goes on and on. I want to find balance but I have yet to find a minute of down time when I could do that. More excuses.

I need a little assistance from….


Who bears a striking┬áresemblance┬áto Ralph, wouldn’t you say? Hmmmm, curious.

It seems silly, I know, to rant on about the woes of my wonderfully busy life on a day like today when so many hearts ache for the 2,996┬álives that ceased to exist nine years ago today. So I’ll stop and simply say that I know nothing will ever make it better, that I’m sorry it won’t ever go away and that I hope they find peace in remembrance today.

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