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I’m very excited because I have a few “free” hours this afternoon. The joy! I also joined the American Dietetic Association and Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group. So excited. But first…

South Carolina continues to tease me with brisk 60-degree mornings and sweaty 88-degree afternoons. Still, the battle for fall raged on with this morning’s breakfast: hot oatmeal. I haven’t had hot oatmeal since… I don’t know. I’ve been on a smoothie kick and prior to that a cold oats kick. Hot oatmeal is for cold temperatures, so I enjoyed this bowl with PB, honey and banana out on the porch this morning.


My lunch included leftover lentils from Stew, brown rice cous cous, avocado, melon, peaches, hummus and a vegan GF berry bar from Stew’s mom.

Not so pretty. Very delicious.


There’s usually a pretty good reason why I eat everything that I eat. If you read often, you know that most of my meals are combined in a similar way (bean, whole grain, greens, fruit).

Why I ate these things:

  • Lentils – delicious, protein
  • Brown rice – delicous, carb, complete protein w/lentils
  • Avocado – delicous, fat
  • Melon and peaches – delicious, phytochemicals
  • Hummus – delicious, protein, fat
  • Berry bar – delicious, fat, protein… SUGAR

Common denominator: delicious. People say they admire my “discipline” in the way I eat. I don’t see it that way. I don’t eat what I don’t like. (Hello, cucumbers.) It would take discipline for me NOT to eat this way.

It’s true that vegetarians can’t get a complete protein (one with all 9 essential amino acids) without eating an egg. But it’s also true that eating combinations of foods (whole grains, nuts & seeds, legumes) that together have all 9 is just fine as well… and way more delicious. So that’s why I eat this way. If God made food… then God made vegetarian food incomplete proteins so we’d be forced to combine them into delicious things. Just saying.

As for my “free” time… It’s not really free at all. I just got out of work early because I have to be at a training thing on Friday when I normally would not be working. While I realize this adds up to no real free time at all (and I’m using this “free” time to work anyway), I still have that giddy after-school feeling that hits around 3pm. I believe this is why people in office settings can’t function at 3pm. It’s ingrained in us from a very young age that at 3pm the day ends, your mom greets you with an after school snack and you play Nintendo until dinner time. Think about it.

My favorite childhood afternoon snacks included:

  • Rainbow popcicles
  • Nachos
  • Bagels with butter

Today’s after school snack:

Best ever.

Do you eat an after [insert daily activity here] snack? What is it?

11 thoughts on “Free Fall

  1. I’ve started not-snacking unless I’m going to exercise in the afternoon, or unless I get really hungry. This has more to do with the fact that I pack my lunch everyday and was starting to get tired of packing an additional thing. Before I workout I usually eat some carb heavy thing like a piece of bread with PB & Banana. I can get by with this if my lunch is a little more substantial.

  2. on tuesdays and thursdays after school is synonymous with my lunchtime (at 2pm, ugh), but on m-w-f i have an after work snack at about 530. lately my “usual” has been either pb&j on a rice cake or pb&j oatmeal, but we’re out of pb AND j :[ so right now it’s carrots and hummus and maybe a little banana soft serve? (just ran out of carrots…we’re running out of everything)

  3. p.s. how does your bento hold the lentils? i eat a lot of soup-ish foods like that for lunches and i always wondered if your bento would leak it all over the place or work just fine.

    • totally leaks all over the place if it isn’t upright. but it’s rare for it not to be upright. it has a little handle that makes it pretty unnecessary to carry it any other way. but sometimes i carelessly toss it in my car and then we have trouble…

  4. I eat a snack every afternoon around 3, usually carrots & pretzels or nuts. It holds me over between lunch and dinner so I get home from work with enough energy to work out before cooking. My coworkers think it’s hilarious that I bring a little snack every day. :)

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