Earth Fare Resident

Cous cous salad

Earth Fare should charge me rent. No. I take that back. I pump enough funds into this place to have officially earned residency in the cafe. I’m currently here inhaling a cous cous salad (so good) and (not) working because my to-do list owns my soul.

And just a few hours ago…

Stew and I ate lunch here, too.

I had black beans, corn, rice, a fat salad and fruit. Stew picked up this creepy vegan chicken nugget.


He tried to get me to sample it but I was having none of that mess. If someone cringes when they eat something, I am not about to follow suit. I used to love, love, love fake chikn patties but have since removed the creepy fake meat block from my food pyramid.

Can you tell I’m stalling so I don’t have to work on a Friday? I am. Let me tell you more about my day…

I woke up and worked, went to the chiropractor, worked in my car on stolen Wi-Fi from Dunkin Donuts, went to yoga, cried in my car about my to-do list, sucked it up, ate lunch, went to a meeting, and here we are again… stalling.

I’ll work for real now. Ignore me if I get on Twitter. Don’t be an enabler.

One thought on “Earth Fare Resident

  1. I need Twitter rehab. My favorite part of Earth Fare’s salad bar are the stuffed grape leaves. They’re good enough to make me reconsider selling my soul to Whole Foods.

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