Caturday 9/18/10

Weasel sits like a lady

Happy Caturday! We’re off to Atlanta to see Aziz Ansari, but the cats are here for your viewing pleasure…

Will zis be on zeh inernets?

I saw some Spot Stew on sale at Earth Fare so I decided to let the cats have a rare taste of wet food. (We switched them over to dry crunchies when Ralphie’s poop got out.of.con.trol.)

Spot Stew!

With much zeal, they dove headfirst into the little glob of sweet potatoes, peas… and beef liver.

Beef liver!

But four minutes later looked like they wanted to die…

I die.

Ralphie has food guilt

Weasel has a thing about ice cubes. The other day she was sleeping… until I went to the freezer and this happened:

Sleepy Weaz

I notice you are activating the ice maker...

Don't do it, Weaz.

I will do it.

She did it.

And that’s when Weasel shoots across the floor darting at ice cubes that hit the ground and batting them around like a hockey player. Never fails.

6 thoughts on “Caturday 9/18/10

  1. I love the Rachel Zoe quote. And ice cube ice hockey is the best.

    I love that your cats have conversations in your head much like our dogs do in ours. We even pretend to be one each and talk for them. :-)

  2. So many things about this post I can love.

    Link darts across the kitchen each time he hears me jostle ice in the freezer. He totally begs for me to throw a cube on the ground.

    At least your cats will eat healthy food. Link won’t touch anything that doesn’t include meat byproduct meal as the 1st ingredient.

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