Real vs Advertised Food


I know you know what this is. I know you’ve probably eaten one, and even if you haven’t, you could sing me that stupid song about it anyway. McDonald’s has created an American icon with the Big Mac. Or perhaps we should say that food stylists and photoshop experts have created a more visually appealing version of this jacked up, meaty mess…


Adam sent me a link to real vs advertised food, and I find it fascinating. It’s not like these photos are a shock to anyone. We’ve all eaten these things. (Yes, even me.) We know what they look like in real life. And yet, we (as in Americans) continue to shovel them into our faces. What’s the deal?

Seriously. I’m asking. Why doesn’t anyone get worked up about this bald-faced lie? I know, I know. Probably because “it still tastes good.” Depends on your definition of “tastes” and “good.”

See more advertised vs real fast food. The nachos Bell Grande is the most hilarious to me.

5 thoughts on “Real vs Advertised Food

  1. I could not agree with you more. I attempted to watch SuperSize me this weekend and I literally got nauseous and couldn’t do it. To me, McDonald’s is everything wrong with this country. It’s one of the reasons I went totally vegetarian after reading Fast Food Nation. Anyway, off my soapbox…

  2. So gross. I think cakes and cupcakes are the only foods that look as good in real life as they do advertised. This probably speaks volumes about my diet ;)

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