Not So Rawesome

Raw quesadilla, cauliflower "rice", curry okra

Sigh. I’m a big fan and supporter of raw food. I’ve never actually eaten a fully raw meal, but it all just looks so good, and I believe raw foodists when they say it makes them feel so good, too.

So I was really excited when I stopped by Healthy Home Market and found a whole raw section in the deli cooler. Happy day. Stew says one of the best things he’s ever eaten was a raw taco salad at a cafe in Florida. Gena makes incredible raw stuff all the time… as do Lori and Michelle. The raw desserts at One Lucky Duck make me want to cry. Everyone around me is eating this incredible raw food. I coveted. Now it was my turn.

That’s about where the crescendo ends. All this buildup plummeted straight to hell with the first bite.

Horrible. Terrible. Not good.

I hesitated to even post about this because I know (and I hope others do too) that raw food can be really, really good. I just got the wrong thing. From the wrong place. Stew hated it too. I shudder at the thought of it.

I thought the quesadillas would be on delicious dehydrated bread. Wrong. It was just pureed mush smashed into a flattened shape. The cashew cheeze inside was queaz-inducing. There were mushrooms. Everywhere. I know that okra is slimy, but this was… slimy. We couldn’t do it.

We threw $20 into the trash and ate bowls of quinoa, cauliflower and kidney beans instead.


Don’t worry. I haven’t given up on raw food. I’m still saving myself for Luna’s Living Kitchen… and One Lucky Duck… and Candle 79.

3 thoughts on “Not So Rawesome

  1. luna’s living kitchen is awesome! go there asap to wash out that bad taste in your mouth. you will love it :) juli is the most darling person on earth!

  2. Candle 79 and Candle Cafe are calling your name my lovely!! Just a few blocks away from my apartment… will you visit me nooooow???

  3. Candle 79 is where I’m eating tonight, and when you come crash at my apartment for a weekend sometime, I’ll take you there.

    In the meantime, fret not. Raw foods are really easy to f-ck up. I have a recipe for raw middle eastern cauliflower rice (stuffed in chard leaves) that’s easy and good — try it next maybe?

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