Caturday 10/23/10

I be brogging.

Happy Almost-Halloween-Caturday! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But you know what’s sad? I still don’t have a costume OR any good ideas for one. In exchange for your help, I can offer pictures of cats. Seriously, send me your ideas. Thanks in advance… CATS

Do be tweeteeng. Forrow me.

Ralph and Weaz were very excited for The Lady to arrive this week. Truly. I can’t tell if they could tell I was excited (waiting on the doorstep could have given them this impression), but they totally knew something was up and were waiting anxiously .

Is she here??

She can't wait to pet me.

I stayed up late-ish last night working on a freelance piece. People say cats don’t have schedules, but they haven’t met THESE cats. They go to bed with me every night (and wake me up daily), but if I’m not ready for bed they don’t wait around for me.

Early cat gets the bed

Yes, that's a giant peacock back there.

And this is how they feel when I wake them up:


With Weasel being particularly offended:

Tonight... you die.

Not sure when to disturb a cat? This how to pet a cat guide Brittney sent me will give you an idea…

4 thoughts on “Caturday 10/23/10

  1. Of course cats have schedules! Mine actually can’t sleep with me because he gets hungry at exactly 4 am and if he is in the room, he jumps on the bed and starts kneading and purring until I give him food. I almost always wear a leather jacket and boots with black pants for halloween, get one of those little cat masks, and go as Cat Woman. Every year I tell myself I will do something totally different, but I leave it till the last minute and end up as Cat Woman because I already have all the clothes.

  2. I have no Halloween ideas. In fact, I’m trying to decide if I’m even going to hand out candy :( Lame. But, I wanted to tell you my cats kind of have a schedule too. They usually go to bed with me – or at least come to bed with me – and are almost always there sleeping when I wake up. I’m sure they roam the house while I snooze. :)

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