Caturday 10/30/10

Happy Caturdayoween!

Happy Caturdayoween!



That’s cool, Ralph. I ate a chocolate pumpkin smoothie.

Because it's festive


But you want cats and cats you shall receive…


Does Ralph or does Ralph not look exactly like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon?


How about now?

Because I know you’re all curious… the cats will not be dressing up this year. Or any year, really. My desire is as strong as yours to see Weaz dress as…

a terrorist

Or Ralph dressed as…

her idol Hello Kitty

But I break out in hives at the thought of trying to get them into these get ups. The whole pet-in-costume thing is far more stressful for me than it is the animals. Therefore, my pets do not partake.

I did manage to get both of them into a little jersey two years ago. This lasted about 10 seconds each because I was hyperventilating.

Put me in coach

I'm ready to pray

I know you don’t believe that that’s Ralph but believe it. Keep in mind she was a street cat when I took her in and we didn’t know right away that her gut was only dragging the ground because it was full of five babies and not because she was a little chunk. After she had the babies she was very emaciated. Rest assured she’s now fat, happy and much fuzzier. I don’t know where the hell all the hair came from. On her initial vet visit we classified her as a short hair. You know what she looks like now. No explanation.

What about me?

What about Weaz indeed. She can have Halloween fun without a costume…

I'm a cow. Duh.

Toothless the Night Fury

So we’re off to trick-or-treat.

Give us sumfing good to EET!

10 thoughts on “Caturday 10/30/10

  1. SO cute! I can’t believe how small they look in the old pictures! Mine don’t dress up either. i tried to put devil horns on Loki one year and the look he gave me was pure evil. Figured it wasn’t worth getting mauled in my sleep over. :)

  2. Terrorist pic…………hysterical. Who does that to their cat? Hmmmmmmmmmm, how would Clan look? I could go as Capt. Hook after he chewed my hand off from trying to get a costume on him!!!!

  3. So, I have not seen How to Train Your dragon, but it looks adorable! As do your cats as always. :)

    I have a black cat too, and actually got some bat wings for Halloween from Old Navy (intended for the dog) and put them on the cat and it makes her look even more like that dragon!!

  4. Caturday is always amazing. Love it. Cats are so awesome. My mother in law gave me a cat that she picked up from a vet who found her n couldn’t keep her. 3 months later she had 5 kittens and I was in complete shock. She was soo skinny for awhile. Now she’s really filled out and I love her all chunky!

  5. hahahahah I remember the cat Jersey episode. HILARIOUS. Cute pics on the porch! I cannot believe how big Weazel is. They grow up so fast. :)

  6. LOL!!! Omg, I have a mostly-black kitteh too, and the ENTIRE time I was watching How to Tame Your Dragon, I couldn’t stop cracking up and thinking to myself, “D’awwwwww Toothless looks just like kitteh!” That movie is infinitely rewatchable simply due to cuteness factor. Nice job on your cat-o-lantern, too. :)

  7. Aww, how cute. And honestly, this just shows how well you’re taking care of Ralph for her to get that big and get that much fur. Your cats are gorgeous.

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