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YogaRat mats

I have been oh so thrilled with my latest yoga mat purchase. Though I may have recently been gifted a gorgeous lululemon pullover, we all know I’m not about to drop any of my own precious funds on yoga gear. This is a humble practice for the humblest of bank accounts. I promise.

I buy all of my yoga-related stuff at TJMaxx. Truth. Organic cotton pants, brand name tops I’d never pay full price for and perfectly acceptable (dare I say perfectly perfect) mats… like this YogaRat one I recently purchased.

I don’t usually think about this, but after nabbing this gem for just $15, I thought to myself, “Ack, I wonder what kind of horrible poisons are in this cheap pile…”

I figured it must just be some off-brand cheapie from China. Think again. As it turns out, YogaRat is a cute little boutique company based in Santa Monica and created by yoga students who wanted clean, eco-friendly mats free of harsh poisons and chemical dyes. Rejoice!

YogaRat mat

I got a grey one because I’m boring like that, but even I can admit that the rainbow of options above is rather tempting. Back to TJMaxx I go… (PS – These usually retail $30. Run, don’t walk!)

6 thoughts on “Yoga Rat

  1. It’s super cute! I have a basic lululemon mat and it drives me crazy because it never unrolls smoothly. I really need a new mat – I’ll check these Target ones out during my next U.S. shopping trip!

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