Thanks Given

Back to normal

Yesterday a feast was prepared and thanks was given, but today it’s back to normal and food as I know it:

Green, nutrient-dense and easy as can be

I feel a little exhausted. Maybe the 12 hours I spent on my feet yesterday is catching up to me. Yesterday I felt on fire; I love being in the kitchen. Today I kind of feel like I want a nap.

Traditionally, today would be the day my family would put up the Christmas tree. As we got older, we kind of protested and made it my mom’s duty. Today I kind of miss that. Instead, I’ll be finishing up a dietary analysis project for a family of four, writing some fitness DVD reviews (get ready for not one but TWO Jane Fonda workouts, yikes) and (hopefully) buying a new book… after the Black Friday crazies have gone home.

One thought on “Thanks Given

  1. Hi Katie!

    I’ve been stopping by your blog on and off for Caturday for a while, and just stopped to read a bunch of your entries. I think you’re wonderful and hilarious. thanks for making the blog world a brighter place!

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