Caturday 11/27/10

Caturday Fever!

Hello and happy post-Black-Friday Caturday! Did you survive yesterday’s shopping? We did not partake, but we did go see “Unstoppable,” which (in case you hadn’t guessed) is pretty unbearable.

Katie sent me a picture of her cat enjoying Caturday a few weeks ago. This brought me great joy so I decided to extend an offer:


Is your cat hilarious?

Do you have a camera?

Do you want your cat featured on Caturday?

Send a photo to with CATURDAY in the subject

Include your cat’s name and a link to your blog if you’ve got one

I’ll feature a few in Caturday each week

Weasel is ready to review your submissions

Speaking of La Weaz, this little rodent knows she’s not supposed to get on the counters, but since unlike Stew I have a functioning heart and simply cannot spray her idiotic little face with water when she does it (this is our method of training), she just never learns.

What she has learned, however, is that what I don’t like are her little litter box paws touching the counter/table.

So this is fine then?

How about this?

This little game of hers has led her to sit on top of the cabinets, which has led her to getting stuck up there and crying.


All the while Ralph is moseying around on the floor where she can patrol for penguins…

This isn't over, penguin.

After all, penguins can’t fly and Ralphies can’t jump.

I am perfectly agile.

(She’s not.)

In other news, last night Stew and I watched Milo and Otis (because this is what all 20-somethings do on Friday nights, right?)

Milo and Otis

I bet I probably watched this movie at least once a week when I was growing up–this and Ol’ Yeller, of course. But last night it didn’t bring me nearly as much joy because it seemed to me that many of the scenes were straight up abusive to the animals. Having a pug fight a bear in water? Throwing a kitten off a cliff? Trust me, this was before CGI….

Sure enough, a little Wikipedia investigation reveals that the movie’s release was followed by a number of alleged animal cruelty charges. The film was endorsed by the American Humane Society (though they had no officers on site when it was created) and a number of Japanese Humane Societies support it as well (it’s a Japanese movie). But I’m not buying it. Milo and Otis has lost its childhood innocence. Maybe I should watch Ol’ Yeller again and cry myself to sleep…

5 thoughts on “Caturday 11/27/10

  1. Ya know, I hadn’t really thought about the animal cruelty in that movie, but now that you mentioned it I definitely can see it. It was definitely real. Sad :(

    In happier news, I’m getting my Caturday photo submission ready! :)

  2. I just showed Oscar your blog post and he wanted to schedule a photo shoot stat. There will be Oscar pics hittin’ your email in the near future.

  3. I don’t have any photos to share at the moment but did just watch Willy (who was cleaning himself on top of the stereo system accidentally turn it on AND open the five-disc disc changer. He nearly jumped out of his little furry skin. Hysterical! I’m such a mean mommy :)

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