25 Days of Yoga: Day 1

How fitting

Here’s a fitting reminder of what this month is all about AND it came on a Yogi tea AND I picked it up at the studio following my first of 25 classess:

“Your greatness is measured by your gifts, not by what you have.”

Meditate on that while you’re writing out your Christmas list this year.

Another thing to consider: “If you think a pose is boring… you are probably boring.”

My teacher said this tonight in class, and after coming down from my no-I-am-NOT-boring-this-stupid-POSE-is-boring rant inside my head, I realized it’s actually pretty accurate.

Children have this fascination with the world and can find joy and endless hours of entertainment in anything. Remember playing with sticks? Umm… boxes? Hello? What’s boring? Nothing is boring unless you yourself are too boring to make it fun.

Did anybody else do yoga today? How did it go? Did you find it boring? I should certainly hope not… ;)

11 thoughts on “25 Days of Yoga: Day 1

  1. I did! I thought about what you said (um, over a year ago, I think–I stalked your “Yoga” category today) about dropping your weapon while in Peaceful Warrior tonight…it worked. I got deeper into the pose and it made more sense to my body than ever! I also almost got bird of paradise on one side and managed to smile during ab-crunch hell :]

  2. I actually went to my first real class in a studio since july (i’ve just been doing it on my own in my apartment but have been totally disconnected from it the last month or so) and it was awesome. I think i needed time to accept, just because its not my yoga studio in new york, it can still be a good one. just different. and there was lots of bridge poses and back-bending which i loooooove.
    PS why do i feel compelled to comment more frequently than ever on your posts? lol

  3. I did yoga tonight, and it was a hard but great class. Lots of balancing poses! Yoga is definitely not boring – I get so annoyed when people call yoga boring, easy, and just stretching when they haven’t even tried it. I bet they would be challenged if they tried!

  4. i’m going to try to do 25 days of yoga with you. :)
    i started yesterday by taking a yoga class at my gym and felt invigorated afterwards! i’ve never done hot yoga before, but i really want to try it sometime within the next month and i happen to live walking distance to a hot yoga studio.

    one thing that’s hard for me is side angle pose coming from warrior 2. my legs BURN and i don’t know if im doing something wrong or if im just not used to it. any tips? should i just keep practicing?

    • hooray! i hope you like hot yoga…

      as for side angle to warrior 2… if it burns you’re doing it right. ;) it’s just really challenging to hold the leg in a static position for so long. one thing that my teachers have said can help when your muscles start to burn is to just breathe deeply. this will calm your mind, slow your heart rate and deliver much-needed oxygen to the large muscles in the legs that are working over time. the burn your feeling, i’m told, is a lack of oxygen reaching the area.

      hope that helps!

  5. Oh my goodness…
    I have to share that my mom always said to us while growing up… “Bored people are BORING”.

    Now I say that to my students every time they say something is boring.

    It sounds like your yoga instructor may be related to me. ;)

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