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Body by Bethenny

Of all my guilty pleasures, reality TV is my favorite. And of all the Real Housewives, Bethenny is by far my favorite. Surprisingly, perhaps, her book Naturally Thin was one among a series of what Caitlin would call my “healthy tipping points” that pushed me over the edge of my yo-yo dieting, compulsive exercise and disordered eating habits I’d adopted throughout high school and college and into this far more sane life I lead today.

End rant.

The point of this post, however, is to let you know that I’ve done my fair share of yoga DVDs as a fitness reviewer for DVD Talk (you can see all of them here), and I’ve never done any of them more than once or twice. When Stew bought me Body by Bethenny just because I’m obsessed, I didn’t expect to like it either.

I don’t know if it’s that I love her or that I actually like the series, but this is my go-to DVD whenever I can’t make it to the studio. It’s a bit slower than I’d prefer but I’ve found that this speed allows me to push deeper into poses I usually just flow through in my faster-paced vinyasa classes.

The yoga section is 40 minutes long and there are also short (like 10-minute) weight lifting and butt toning sections that I’ve only watched once. Even Bethenny says in the yoga section (in reference to chaturangas–yoga pushups), “Everybody thinks I lift weights but I don’t. This is all I do.” You can almost hear her catch herself as she says it, like she’s realizing, “Oh shit, in the next section I say I’m sharing my personal weight lifting workout.”

I believe her that she doesn’t lift weights and, therefore, don’t believe her when she says she does in the next section. I’d bet some video producer felt it necessary to add something else in. Not that there’s anything wrong with lifting weights. Lifting weights is great. It’s just a funny little thing to catch Bethenny slip up on that.

So if you’re in the market for a yoga DVD, this is the only one I recommend after trying it. You can read my reviews of others, but I don’t love any of them. Does anybody else know of some good ones?

7 thoughts on “Favorite Yoga DVD

  1. I adore Bethenny!! She cracks me UP, and was just about the only redeeming bit of NYC Housewives.
    I own ‘Naturally Thin’; and had seen this DVD around, but pretty much just assumed that it was crap. I don’t know why…? Thanks for telling me otherwise!
    Maybe Santa will bring it to me? (Or I’ll just buy it for myself come January. I feel guilty buying myself anything December).


  2. i will have to try this one because i love love love workout dvds when i dont have a chance to get to the gym because of my hectic schedule.
    i really enjoy shiva rea daily energy, but i think i might just have to look into this one! :)
    what is her book like? im kind of a yo-yo dieter too and i tend to binge a lot at night. does it help with that at all?

    thanks dear,

    • hey sharelle!
      bethenny has kind of a no-nonsense, holistic approach to food in her book. she doesn’t talk about diets or counting calories, just eating like a normal person. it’s not earth-shattering scientific news or anything, but it managed to shake me into a realization that i was eating like a crazy person. i was big on night eating, too, and while the book, of course, isn’t designed to treat or address anything like that, it definitely made me reevaluate my own habits.

      hope that helps! let me know if you end up reading it…


  3. I was wondering if you had tried this one! Body By Bethenny is available on Exercise TV on demand and I had to check it out as soon as it was available. So far this has been my favorite yoga DVD too.

  4. Oooh I’ll have to try this DVD. I’m having a tough time getting to Bar Method with Le Puppy Duties consuming my evenings, so some DVD action is in order. Speaking of Bar Method, they recently released new DVDs that more closely replicate the studio workouts. I have yet to try them, but it occurs to me they might send you copies to review? http://www.barmethod.com.

  5. Glad to know I’m not the only one that thinks Bethenny Frankel is AWESOME. I think this is my birthday gift to myself…

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