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We <3 sweaty yogis

Last night I ventured out of the comfort of my “home” studio to attend a charity class for Beards BeCAUSE at Yoga One.

They’re raising awareness about domestic violence and donating the funds to battered women’s shelters. I met one of the founders, Scott, when I was covering the BBQ festival from a vegetarian angle so I was happy to contribute. They’re just shy of $25,000 so far this year and are hosting their finale party tomorrow night at Amos’ Southend. If you’re in the Charlotte area, stop by.

The studio is so much different than mine–younger, grittier… in a basement. SILENT. I really liked it. The lack of music threw me for a loop at the beginning since it’s so pivotal for the classes I do at the other studio, but it actually didn’t bother me at all and I found that the class seemed to go by faster without it. How odd.

Yoga One

It was a sweaty good time and I’m sure I’ll be visiting again.

One of the things I’m looking forward to throughout this month is visiting new studios. I think I need to remind myself that, while I adore my studio, I really just adore yoga. And that should be my focus. When I left Greenville, I swore I’d never do yoga again because I missed my studio so much and never thought I’d find anything comparable. Look at me now. You never know what’s out there.

3 thoughts on “Beards BeCAUSE Yoga

  1. so i never commented on the original post, but i am with you on the 25 days of yoga challenge. (and i should add that your initiative for the water project is a truly apt and wonderful thing to do.) i’m in the middle of a 2 week unlimited pass to a studio that i love, and i’ve gone every day since i started. so i just want to say that i love the challenge and the idea of doing something for ourselves during such a traditionally stressful time of year. plus yoga makes me realize i have nothing to be stressed about – so it’s a win-win.

    and, to be more long-winded, i think it’s great that you’re exploring different studios. right now, with a manhattan rent to pay, i can’t afford a monthly membership anywhere (especially when most nyc studios cost upwards of $120 a month). so what i do is take advantage of deals to try different studios (some have packages for first-time students, sometimes there are groupons, sometimes i find free classes via twitter). i’ve visited 15 different studios this year – some i’ve loved and some not so much, but the point is that i’ve gotten to do this practice that i love in all these different communities. everywhere has something different to offer and different styles and challenges to bring to the mat. congrats on branching out!

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