Get Used to It: Cowfish

Oh lawd.

Y’all go ahead and let me know when you’re sick of hearing about Cowfish because I will not tire of eating there any time soon.

I won’t tire of:

1/2 off wine on Wednesdays

Or these lettuce wraps

Or these fried delights

Or seeing Ric Flair there

Rumor has it homeboy lives upstairs. So if you’re a fan of sushi and burgers AND pro wrestlers from the 80s, then this, my friends, is the place for you.

I got the ahi tuna burger sans tuna and + 1 veggie burger. I had carrots, beets and ginger slaw.

"Have mercy!" cried Uncle Jesse

And Stew got the green monster: veggie burger + fried jalapenos, avocado and wasabi.


We are well pleased with the Cowfish. Well pleased.

PS – Have you ever SEEN a cowfish?


4 thoughts on “Get Used to It: Cowfish

  1. 1. I love Rick Flair. Watched him every Thursday (?) night with my older sister who got a Sting doll for Christmas. Long live WCW.

    2. Cowfish is officially on my list of places to eat in Charlotte!

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