Caturday 12/4/10

I am special!

Happy frigid Caturday! I don’t know about your house, but catsicle season is well under way here at Caturday headquarters. (Yes, my cats drink out of a glass next to the TV. Don’t hate.)

Weaz looks like this when it gets cold:


But this post isn’t about the cats being cold. This post is about their drug habit.

Let's go to Taco Bell

Earlier this week they broke out their stash (two tiny catnip toys that have to be almost two years old at this point) and got high as kites.



I guess catnip never goes bad. [Unlike McDonald's, which I was informed a billion times of yesterday when I shared a photo of it not rotting.] And I guess you’re surprised to see that Ralph and Weaz aren’t the standup citizens you see portrayed here on Caturday. This is just what happens when cats reach internet stardom at a young age. Things go downhill by age two. Hugs not drugs, y’all. Hugs not drugs.

My name is Ralphie and I disapprove of this message.

While Ralph and Weaz were out getting blitzed (do you say that about drugs?) their new internet friends were out doing respectable cat things:

Molly’s Gracie-Lou (best name ever) volunteered to mentor (torment-or?) at-risk youth dogs…

Bad dog

Turned good dog. Success. (Gracie-Lou and Liberty)

Lily’s Link is a devoted environmentalist who does volunteer water safety checks and teaches us how to conserve water…


No water for you

Amelia’s Jerry wraps presents for homeless shelter kittens and fosters orphaned stuffed animals…

Every kitten should have a toy on Christmas

So much love to give

He also put his good looks toward a good cause by modeling for a calendar and donating the funds to charity.

Lookin good, Jer!

Thanks to those who shared photos! You can send yours along to, subject: CATURDAY to be featured.

5 thoughts on “Caturday 12/4/10

  1. The more the merrier. Merrier? How about a Christmas caturday? I know there are some busy elves out there. Snow here today. : (

  2. ahahaha I LOVE the catsicle photos! Too cute! I’m readying my submissions for next week’s Caturday. Hopefully Weaz and Ralphie can curb their nip addiction!

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