Nachos and Nuptials

Best nachos of my life.

Friday night, Stew and I attended a lovely little wedding in Charlotte.

Ralphie took this

Cute little bag o' caramels

I spied some bacon or something in the mashed potatoes so it was mountains of veggies for the vegetarians…

Vegetables galore

This then led us to Six Pence on the way home where we inhaled the best nachos I’ve ever eaten and pickle chips that didn’t really thrill me.

Six Pence


Underwhelming pickle chips

It pains me to disapprove of a pickle chip because they are just so good, but these were not.

The nachos, however, were exactly what I want in a plate of… nachos. Melted cheddar, not sauce. Beans, not meat. Mountains of fresh veggies.

The waiter even gave us that whole, “Wow, y’all did some work on THAT,” thing that makes you realize you’re not really supposed to be able to finish the whole thing. What can you do?

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